The safest way to pack is to use a wooden crate.

Safety is the main reason customized crating services exist. A team of packing professionals will come to your house to pack up your items quickly and safely. They can even help with special items or difficult-to-find requests. Ship Smart, a small moving company with a lot of experience, can offer custom crates that will protect your fragile items. They also offer full-replacement insurance to back their packing skills.

The second is time. Crating and custom packing can be a great way to save money and time. Hire experienced packers who are experts in small moves to save your time, effort, and materials. Is it really necessary to worry about the safety and security of valuable, fragile, or sensitive items when you move into a new apartment, house, or office? Most people agree they wish they had more time to say goodbye to their family and friends.

Do I need to have custom crating?

The packing protection offered by most professional movers should suffice for most household goods. You may find yourself unable to pack your household items on your own, regardless of the reason.

Professional packing services will be provided after the decision has been made. These skilled packers will arrive at their destination equipped with years worth of experience as well as all necessary packaging supplies. Many large items, like heavy boxes, guns, large pieces of furniture, and pianos will not need custom-built crates. Your wallet or purse will appreciate you for it.

If you need to move any valuable, expensive, or fragile possessions (such as the one below), crating might be a viable option.

  • Artwork includes sculptures and paintings.
  • Fragile items are made out of mirrors, glass, and marble, or another highly breakable material.
  • Older items like antique furniture.
  • Ornate chandeliers.
  • Collectors’ Items
  • Computers, servers, and monitors are sensitive electronic equipment.
  • A motorcycle that is too expensive to be transported by any other means.

If you are looking for a new vendor to do crating, these are the things you should consider:

Always get at minimum 3 competitive quotes.

  • Consider factors such as damage costs, packing labor, and reusability savings.
  • Make sure that the service has a reasonable cost structure.
  • It is a good idea to buy packing materials in close proximity to your business. This will help to lower costs.
  • Compare not only the price, quality, efficiency, or level of customer support.
  • Consider convenience. A local packing crate company can reduce freight costs.
  • Consider longevity. If a company has been providing packing services for at least 10 years, it is worth your consideration.

When reviewing the crating vendor:

Once you’ve found a good match, and the relationship has begun to progress it’s a good idea to keep the lines open when it comes time to discuss sensitive issues such as damage claims. Also, you should continue to hold packing crate companies to the highest standards. These are the same standards that helped seal your deal. Companies should:

  • Discuss damaged and successfully completed shipments.
  • Images of damaged packages.
  • Indicate damage to avoid mishandling.

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