There is nothing better than winding up a stressful day by taking a dip in hot tub. Settling into a tub filled with warm water feels therapeutic and satisfying. Hot tub baths are a blend of comfort, serene and luxury and help you ease into sleep swiftly. About 1 in 10 UK citizens have a hot tub in their garden. They have turned their lush garden into a luxury space of relaxation.

The hype for soaking in hot water has increased owing to the benefits it offers to our mind, body and skin. Wooden hot tubs consist of large barrel-shaped tub connected to a heating system. Hot tubs have seen several advancements over the years and the one available now come with features like hydrotherapy jets, waterfalls, lights.

Types of hot tubs:

  • Electric: A 240V circuit would be used to heat the electric hot tub. There is a control panel using which we can control the water temperature.
  • Gas/ propane: A gas line is connected to the tub. This is ideal for cold climates since the use of gas makes it a cost-effective option.
  • Wood fired: This makes use of traditional heating method. The tub is attached to a log-burning stove, which heats the water. Alter the number of logs to increase/ decrease the temperature.

Wood fired tubs:

Wood fired tubs are the top pick by many due to its traditional design, visual appeal and convenience. They cost anywhere between £2795and £21,600 depending on the features you opt for. If you are looking for best-quality wood fired hot tubs in UK, check out RG Hot Tubs. Their products are hand-crafted from Lithuania and made from top-quality wood. Send an enquiry to them and shortlist a model.

When we burn wood, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted is about the same emitted when we leave the wood to rot which makes it a carbon neutral choice. This makes wood fired tubs an eco-friendly option. Every time you take in dip in it, you’ll hear the steady crackling sound of the fire all the way which adds up to the soothing experience.

Choosing between different wood fired hot tubs:

Western red cedar:

This is the most affordable and popular choice. Opt for ones made from clear, vertical grain, all heart with a minimum of 1.75” stave for better durability. If you are worried about the colour of the exterior tub fading, stain it every once a year.

Alaskan yellow cedar:

The high tannin content (which keeps bacteria and fungus away) of Alaskan yellow cedar makes it ideal to be placed on wet environment and winters. The material is tough, durable with its pale-yellow colour giving it a unique touch.


Teak is the most expensive of the lot and scores high on durability due to its high oil content. If you are looking for luxury options, you’ll find many in teak.

The best quality ones last for a minimum of 20 years. Invest in a good-quality one and enjoy rustic relaxation from the comfort of your home.

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