People who own pets feel they are part of their family, and care a lot about their furry cute ones. In case, you are one among those dog loving people and wants to improve your dog’s well being and life’s quality, then the best choice is choosing CBD.

CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabis substance that provides many health-related benefits without psychoactive effects. As CBD contains no to little THC, it helps to deal with a number of conditions in your dog from arthritis to anxiety. Research is still going on to know the effect of cbd gummies.

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The following information will help you to know the benefits of CBD, in choosing right CBD product, and almost everything you likes to know regarding cannabidiol for dogs.

Affects of CBD on dogs

Cannabis works on the ECS (endocannabinoid system), present in both humans and dogs. Compared to humans, a dog will have more THC and CB1 receptors in its brain. So, dogs who take CBD along with THC will suffer from side-effects like anxiety. As CBD will not contain THC, your dog can have the CBD to enjoy its benefits.

CBD helps to treat both emotional as well as physical ailments in your dog including:

  • Reducing seizures, inflammation, vomiting, and nausea
  • Improving sleep, appetite, nervous and digestive system health
  • Relieving anxiety from grooming appointments, barking, scary thunderstorms, etc
  • Relieving from joint pains, and arthritis

Right dosage for dogs

There is no official CBD dosage but the ideal dosage is 0.2 milligrams/ml per pound of the dog’s weight in a day. Start with a low dose and increase dosage until you observe a positive change in your dog. You can give an ideal dosage by using the formula:

0.2 x [dog’s body weight, pounds] = mg/ml per day

Suppose your dog’s body weight is 5lbs then you have to give 1mg/ml, 10lbs then 2mg/ml, and so on. Also, you can check the label for recommended dosage level or consult your veterinarian for guidance.

Where and How to purchase a CBD product for your dog

There are many online stores, which provide different CBD product for your dogs. From them, you can choose the best store to purchase the required CBD product for your dog.

CBD for dogs are available in different forms and shapes such as tinctures, oil, dog treats, balm, and more. You can choose the best CBD form for your dogs depending on their needs and your preference. If your dog is suffering from arthritis, then a topical form is best suitable for it.

Dogs will have small brain compared to humans so you have to purchase the CBD products which are specially made for them. Your dog will experience the CBD effect after 2 to 3 hours of taking CBD. By giving the right dosage daily, you can see good improvement in your dog’s health.

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