Music is one of the creative ways to make money. Publishing music on popular streaming platforms such as iTunes and Spotify can help the musician with massive exposure. It helps in the expansion of their listener base and may increase sales too.

This article tells tips and tricks to maximize the chances of music to get featured on widely accessed streaming sites.

Best Practices for Spotify

A user should include the names of only user-generated and niche playlists that they are interested in while filling out the request form. There are publicists, labels, managers, and experts, which have direct contact. They can help you pitch the music.

MusicDigi is a trusted digital music distribution service provider. It lets musicians upload their music into several online stores and streaming services easily. Some of these are iTunes, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, and more.

Best Practices for Beatport

Launched in 2004, Beatport is a reputed online store that offers electronic DJs and music services. The platform sells full songs and resources that can be used for remixes. Beatport only works with labels to direct sign them. The platform only considers labels, who fulfil the following requirements:

  • Has six-month release schedule and associated marketing initiatives
  • Has established an online presence on mailing lists, Facebook, label website, and Twitter
  • Has a repertoire of relevant remixers and artists
  • Have DJ testimonials for past promotions, and releases.

There are two ways to upload music on Beatport: via an online distributor and by uploading mixes via Beatport Mixes. Interested users have to fulfil the below requirements to be considered for homepage banners. The request should comprise of all the below information:

  • Marketing efforts
  • DJ support and chart creations
  • Radio support
  • Social media support
  • Your fans on Facebook, Newsletter, YouTube, and Twitter
  • Who will support the release, and reach on Newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

Including all the above information will help enhance your chances to sell your music on Beatport.

Best Practices for Apple Music And iTunes

Getting an artist to feature on iTunes is not so easy. The website selectively features artists on the platform. To get your music on Spotify and iTunes, follow the below tips:

  • Set aside two-to-three-weeks pre-sale for building anticipation. It will help you rise on the iTunes charts.
  • You should note that albums get more opportunities to get featured on iTunes than singles.
  • Form a crucial marketing plan. Be as elaborate as you can and include all the necessary specifics. Online music distribution services are one of the most trusted and effective platforms to sell your music on Amazon.

Best Practices for Tidal

Tidal is another beneficial platform to sell your music online. Carry out research to find playlists where your singles would fit comfortably. Users need to provide their total reach and marketing plan to feature requests.

Best Practices for Pandora

To feature as an artist on Pandora, here are the following things that users need to perform:

  • Create a Compelling album cover art that offers the best quality music
  • Your releases should have a robust marketing plan.
  • You should have a solid advertising budget as well as mention details in which the budget will get assigned
  • They should Disc Jockey support
  • They should also mention how they will support DJ chart creations, reposts, play at the sets, etc.
  • If you have any radio performances, then also include appearance dates as well as the name of the radio show
  • Social media account should look well-branded, and consistent. It is beneficial in making a solid presence as well as engagement
  • Users should also mention podcasts, press interviews, television appearances, reviews, blog features, etc. (if any). You can even provide an outline of any PR partnerships.

Tips to Enhance Your Chances to Publish Your Music on Popular Digital Music Stores

  • Research the labels and distributors to find which one is more successful on the platform. Think about the cost of their services as well as the exposure that they would offer you.
  • Music artists should deliver their work a month in advance to get the music live on the platform. This much time is required by the music distribution service to do their job.
  • Be professional in your communication to ensure your promotional material creates the right impact. An impressive bio and graphics will make your proposal stand out from others
  • The commercial quality of your music has been strong enough that it can be featured online.


A musician should always look for ways to advertise their career. A targeted marketing strategy helps in reaching new audiences and makes more sales in the business. The above tips will maximize the possibilities of uploading your music on top-rated music streaming services.

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