Every day chores can be so taxing to all of us. We might have to do regular cleaning, then may be cooking dishes and several other chores. Thanks to the professional dry-cleaning services, we now have one job less in the list. We are free from worrying about doing our laundry.

But wait did I say that we can stay worry free when we use dry cleaning services for doing laundry at home. This is a little tricky situation do you know why? You can really be worry free only if you choose the right laundry service for you. In this article, we will help you do just that.

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Questions to ask your laundry service agency

Here are few questions that you should be asking any of the laundry services that you have shortlisted. It’s always good to find out all the local players and shortlist some from them and apply these filters to get the best of them.

  • What are the cleanliness measures that you take?

We are letting them wash and clean our garments. So obviously, cleanliness is a top priority. So, ask about their machines, detergents they use, about the safety measures they take to maintain the quality.

  • What are your stands on broken buttons?

Most laundry services offer a free button replacement service. If the buttons are broken after the wash, ask them how they deal with that. We definitely do not want a garment in a condition that we cannot wear despite after having washed and ironed.

  • Do you provide any extra free service bundled with dry cleaning?

There are some dry-cleaning services that offer to do some minor repair for free. If you are going to get that additional service for free, then why not?

  • Do you have pick up service and what are the charges?

We are often so stranded with day to day chores and that is the very reason why we prefer using a professional laundry service provider for doing our laundry. So definitely having a pick and delivery service is almost preferred by many. Check with them if they have this service and even better if it is done for free of charge.

  • Do you offer advice on the frequency of washing specific kinds of garments?

If you have any specific kind of garments like your formal coats, suits etc then it is best if your laundry service themselves advice on the frequency of washing them as well.

When you ask the above questions and get satisfactory answers for them, you can decide for yourself how good the service they provide you is.

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