From the perspective of any regular users of vaping systems, there can be only one thing that is worse than the burnt vape taste and that is having the vape pen totally blow up almost anywhere near you.

That is certainly a worse situation, but fortunately, this may not happen too often, as compared to the other horrible kind of burnt puffs. Instead, you are welcomed by sweet, succulent strawberry flavor!

Although you can get plenty of good quality of vaporizers from any local Headshop as well as from other online smoke shops like, but still you can often get this kind of surprises that is inevitable at times.

Following are few good reasons for such surprises that we will try to see one by one.

1. New coil with bad taste

If you are a regular user of vaporizers then it will be a surprise for you to know how horrible sometimes a new coil can taste. Such things can usually happen whenever you do not remember to prime the coil before you use it.

Those who value their money well and also their taste buds will never forget to do that at least few times.

2. Temperature too high

Most of you must love huge clouds, but you do not have your proper set-up for them. Though there is no compulsion over here, but if your tank contains vape juice that cannot really handle a very high temperature, then it is better that you must return the damn thing immediately back to the supplier.

3. Vape chug fest

Do you really enjoy walking into certain room and immediately that turns it into closed-venue rock concert? People whose name of the game is just chain vaping, then the vape pen getting dry hit may happen any time. Just ensure that you take a couple of long breaths before you take your next puff.

4. Empty tank

I would like to guess that you already know how this kind of problem can really happen right? Always ensure to completely fill up your tank before vaping and also carry an additional vape juice bottle along with you, whenever you are stepping out from home.

5. All the way VG juice

Usually, high VG juice can be very thick and often all kind of set-ups are not fully equipped for handling it. Better switch to 50/50 PG/VG juice. At least you may prefer 30/70 PG/VG juice

6. Believe it sometimes weather too can play a part here

Yes, vaping in Alaska can be very different than vaping in California as vape juice will get thickened at cold temperature that may cause that nasty taste of burnt vape. You must keep your juice always at room temperature to avoid that.

Surely, all those mentioned above are not the only things that may cause your vape tasting weird. These are only few most common culprits. You also need to maintain your vape pens perfectly clean, if you are looking for flavor consistency.

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