Memphis city has experienced a high crime rate as well as violence in the past few years. There are around 184 Memphis gangs that threaten, bully, rob, people, and businesses. In 2001, 2002, as well as 2005, the crime rate was at its peak. It started decreasing after 2009.

The main reason for the increase in crime rate in any city is due to its economic condition and lack of education. Unemployment, social threatening, and lack of education make a person frustrate and they take up the wrong path. Domestic violence, robbery, burglary, theft are some reasons for frustration and poverty due to economic conditions. In such a case along with the government and federal state, the public of Memphis also formed a safe community.

Safe Community plan is a well-known internationally applied plan which is also recognized by WHO. It helps in individual safety, well-being, and resilience. It was in 2006 when the crime was at its peak, in Memphis, and then the Memphis Fast Forward took up the initiative to start a Safe Community plan under the Crime Commission. Both parties collected data from 2006 and analyzed it well to start a safety plan based on that report. According to the Crime Commission data, the Safe Community plan has helped in reducing the crime rate to 23 percent.

Crime Commission is a team of 50 members on the board of directors that implement best practices in Memphis city to improvise public safety. They started best practices like creating drug and domestic violence court, appointing new Memphis police officers depending on needs, strict prosecution for gun crime, creating safety zones in areas against criminal gang activities, etc.

They have carried out many plans since 2006 with various communities and agencies, which have helped in bringing a dramatic change in crime rate. If you want to know more about their Safe Community plan you can go through their link, where they have mentioned their key to success in Safe Community plan 1 and 2 and future preparation for Safe Community plan 3.

Safe Community plan follows the philosophy of –

  • Whanaungatanga – relationship
  • Manaakitanga – support, respect and care
  • Tino rangatiratanga – autonomy and self-determination

In a safety community, new as well as innovative ideas are brought together that helps in protecting society. Different strategies, planning, and tactical thinking are implemented. Safe Community are NGOs, local agencies, businesses, or community groups that focus on a person and society’s well-being. These communities or agencies are sponsored by their local authorities or Council.

The key benefit of using Safe Community plan –

  • Prevention of crime increases the chances of economic prosperity
  • Government participation at a higher level helps in the increase in the success rate.
  • Private and public authorities are involved which increases and builds a strong relation between public and private partners.
  • Daily analysis of activities through a Safe Community plan helps in changing the course of action. This helps when there is a change in the trend of crime.
  • Since the implementation of the plan is based on evidence therefore the Safe Community always has to be prepared with reports and data.

Safe Community plan helps in building a strong neighborhood. If a few agencies are working for the betterment of your society, then it is your duty to help them.

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