In today’s scenario across the world, usage of masks has become a part of our life. There are two instruments that prevent you from any sort of infectious respiratory diseases, one is masks, and another is respirators.

Before you start using any one of these, you should firstly understand the characteristics, so that you don’t make mistakes while using them. Usage of respirators and masks should only be considered, if you are not in a position to avoid going in crowds.

As per the medical experts, few of the proven methods to avoid exposure to infectious environment are isolation, quarantine, or restricting yourself from getting close to the other people in gatherings. Another method is to maintain sustained hygiene of your hands by frequent washing.

In this piece of information, we are trying to provide you with the knowledge on how to prevent yourself from the infectious environments, and also how to avoid infecting people around you. Depending upon the severity of environment, you may opt to choose the right kind of respirator or mask.

Why is KN95 recommended?

The market has a big variety of respirators and masks, but not all of them are technically useful. For all sorts of infectious environments, usage of KN95 protective masks is highly recommended. You may order the genuine masks from the They provide all the information regarding masks and staying safe. The company offers a lot of choices for the most reasonable costs.

The best quality KN95 face masks are extremely comfortable, reusable, and manufactured from the certified materials. All the masks are manufactured to meet the safety standards, and are not really expensive. You may even have the customised masks made to suit your requirements.

Before you decide on buying a KN95 mask, make sure you are aware of its characteristics and theory behind it. Well, the main purpose of using a respirator or a mask is to provide you with the cleanest and healthy air, every time you breathe in. Since the infections are air borne, the mask you are going to use should have correct type of filtration.

There is a science behind every respirator or a mask. The mechanisms in which they remove the suspended particles are known as inertial impaction, diffusion, and electrostatic attraction. The filtration is different from the liquid filtration, and there is a big difference in the mechanism for removal of different sized particles.

Used by medical practitioners:

Most of the medical practitioners use this KN95 mask, as they are certified for restricting the infectious air borne particles from entering the nose or mouth. Even if you are not a medical practitioner, you can use this mask as the capacity of filtration is very high. In today’s scenario where the pandemic has created lot of havoc, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Buy only from trusted sources:

There are different materials that go into the making these mask. You may however not be able to judge the correct combination of materials to be used in the masks. To avoid any sort of confusion, it is better to buy the masks from a reputed and trusted company as KN95 protective masks. They offer great prices on bulk orders.

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