You have grown up to enter your next phase of life and it’s time for you to start driving lessons. You can choose to learn from your parents, friends, guardians or you might hire a professional instructor to give you effective driving lessons.

Governments usually encourage professional instructors over family members as it has been established that driving lessons from these professionals are more effective and cover all aspects including how to deal with emergency services on the road while providing safety assurance.

Pass first go offers professionals driving instructors in Coffs Harbour who are qualified and super effective in their teaching. They are perfect to not just train you on how to drive your automobile, but also how to keep your anxiety, fear, and bad road habits in check.

Why is it difficult to receive driving lessons from parents or friends?

Before we learn why professional instructors are important, let us first learn why is it difficult to learn from family:

  • With parents, or friends; driving lessons can deviate into different topics of discussions and conflicts.
  • Personal vehicles do not provide the safety for new learners. No matter how protective parents can be, it is difficult to provide support when they are sitting on the passenger end of the vehicle.
  • Sometimes the loved ones fail to help you learn important lifesaving skills.
  • Family members sometimes fail to help you develop reactionary skills that are important to avoid accidents and road mishaps.

Why is a professional driving instructor effective?

Now that you have made up your mind to learn this very important skill from a professional, let us look into the effectiveness of hiring one:

  • Driving instructors provides higher order instructions and thus instils better hazard perception skills. This will help you to get better vehicle control.
  • Driving instructors are better at judging signs of emerging hazards and teach you the same and thus, giving you essential safe driving skills.
  • Driving instructors are completely focused on teaching you safe driving skills and do not deviate into other discussion.
  • Once you are focused on learning the skill, you do not pick up bad habits that could prove harmful in real life scenarios.
  • Vehicles of professionals are equipped with dual control to provide a safe environment for the first-time learners.
  • Having access to the instructor’s vehicle helps you learn in cars that are more maintained and is less likely to trouble you on the road.
  • Driving instructors prepares you in advance for the driving test making it easier for you to pass it in your first go.
  • The feedback of your instructor will build your confidence before the real test.
  • The spaced-out driving sessions will save you hours of learning that you would otherwise put in without the instructor.

Practicing with parents or friends in a more relaxed manner is better than learning your initial lessons from them. Learn your basic lessons from a professional and come out on road with better confidence and driving skills. This combination works the best. Drive safely and responsibly.

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