Driving can be learnt in many ways and skills can be sharpened as you practice on the road. Some people learn driving with the help of their friends or parents. If you follow this route then the time taken to learn would be more. Instead, if you opt for a driving school then you could learn in a systematic way.

In case of driving schools there are various options available. You may go for hourly basis or an intensive course. In Melbourne there are lots of driving schools, so you need to be sure as to which school you want to join. Not all driving school Melbourne provide you quality training. You need to select the best one.

With the blog we will help you select the best driving school. Please look for the following points while selecting a driving school:

  • The school must have qualified, experienced and skilled trainers
  • They should provide you ample classroom session before hitting the road
  • You need to pass the mock tests conducted by the school so that you have full confidence while going for the actual test
  • The school should have good running condition cars for training

By reading the above-mentioned points one question may cross your mind, can I learn driving without an instructor? Well, yes. You may opt for this provided you follow certain important factors. Mentioned below are some of the tips for you to learn on your own.

  • The main advantage in self learning is to save the cost of learning and at your own leisure time without time restriction to learning and practice.
  • You need to make sure that the person you will be learning with is having a valid license for more than three years and is over 21 years.
  • If someone is sparing his or her time and car in teaching you the driving skills make sure the insurance covers the learner driver,
  • Please check with the insurance policy for the validity of the supervisor, who will be teaching you.
  • Practical skills are important to drive on the road, but you need to have thorough knowledge on the highway codes and safety manuals.
  • While you are getting practical driving tips make sure you are covering, driving on different roads and different traffic conditions, taking out and from behind a parked car, hill start and reversing around corners etc.
  • You need to make the trainer realise about your understanding levels so that he or she will prioritise the teaching tips.
  • Most important stages are turning in the road while you are in a traffic, parking your car in reverse direction

While learning driving without an instructor you need to keep safety as a first thing. Since you will be learning with not a professional trainer, it is your responsibility to ensure all the safety precautions are taken care of. You will have to pass the final test with your proficiency and conscientiousness.

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