Is your bathtub taking forever to fill? Does washing dishes look like a tedious task, and there is a low supply of water? While you may blame in on the water supply department, sometimes the issue might lie right below your nose, and you might not notice it?

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Now, before you start searching for nearby plumbers Sydney companies in the yellow pages, you might want to inspect your home for the main issue. If you are not able to find the cause, you can call credible companies like Wilco Plumbing in Wetherill, NSW to determine the issue. They are specialists in all kinds of plumbing services as they make use of advanced technologies for plumbing solutions.

Check if the issue lies with the faucets or the entire water pipeline. The water pressure for your home can come from a water tower, a pressure tank, or a pump. Residential water pressure needs to be within ranges of 40 to 80 psi. Anything below 40 psi is low.

If you want to measure that water supply in your home, you need a pressure gauge. Shut off all water supplies in your house. Locate the main water supply in your house and attach the gauge to the water source.

Other reasons for low water pressure might be:

  • Water supply issues from your main reservoir or water tank
  • Clogging of your pipelines with debris
  • Multiple taps running in the same household
  • Water valves shut off
  • Hard water

In the above cases, cleaning the pipes or contacting your municipal water supply can help resolve this issue. When you are inspecting your entire household for the source of low water pressure, ensure that you check your faucets, sinks, bathtubs, and other water sources. Open the tap to inspect the water flow. If it is low in all the locations, then the fault might be with your main water supply.

If your area has hard water supply, then you might want to replace that section of the pipe with ones that are meant for hard water applications.

Replacing Pressure Regulators, Pipes or Valves

Pressure regulators help to control the flow of water from your main water line. Heavy water pressure can damage your pipes. A faulty regulator can cause a sudden increase or decrease in the water supply. If the issue is with the pressure regulator, you might need to replace it.

If you have an old pipeline, it can get corroded, leading to building up of limescale, rust, and other minerals. In such cases, you might need to get the entire thing replaced with the help of professionals.

If the issue is with your water valve, then you need to inspect whether these have been left partially open by mistake. You need to fully open the valve for the water to flow at your home. If the valve appears to be broken, then you need to contact your municipal water supply to have it replaced.


Complex repairs are better left off to professionals. You might be handy with tools and to save money, you might end up making matters worse for yourself.

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