Having the right borescopes is very important for visual inspection of pipes, turbines, and engines. These instruments can easily help identify imperfections or defects and help you take the necessary actions to resolve these.

Choosing the Right Industrial Borescopes

If this is your first time in purchasing a borescope then you might be confused about the type and model to invest into. If you look online, you will come across different models and brands, wherein you can easily wind up purchasing the wrong one. Ensure that you do your homework when it comes to searching for the right borescope.

Genuine manufacturers will only sell borescopes that are thoroughly tested in terms of quality and safety, before selling it to customers. Many of these devices will come with warranty on them wherein in case your device breaks down within the warranty period, the company will have it replaced or repaired for free.

There are many credible companies such as USA Borescopes, located in Clarksville, TN who are specialists in selling all industrial inspection cameras. You can reach out to them for your borescope, push camera, or videoscopes. They even offer repair and inspection services, if you face any issue with your existing borescope.

A good quality borescope will help to:

  • Check pipelines, engines or turbines for cracks, defects or corrosion
  • It can also help evaluate the exact extent of the damage
  • It can help you understand whether there are any alignment issues within the pipes
  • When used carefully, it can help you to see difficult places in the pipes
  • Some endoscopes have features that can help you record or take photographs of the damage for further examination

A borescope is portable and can be easily carried along for inspections. These can either be rigid or flexible. It comprises an optical lens, an eyepiece and, a monitor to view your images. When you want to inspect any component, it has a light source that automatically illuminates the inspection area.

Defects that can be Captured by Your Borescope

You will be astounded to know the extent to which this small device can go to identify even the minimal defect, thus making this useful equipment in the inspection industry. Some of the defects these can identify include:

  • Bulges – refers to any irregular shape or depressions in the pipes or engines
  • Corrosions – Old pipes or engines can begin to corrode leading to breakage or damage
  • Welding issues – Many pipes might leak due to not welded properly
  • Cracks – Fixtures and cracks in engines and pipes can appear overtime hindering their functionality
  • Wear and Tear – This is a very common issue found in old pipes and engines that need replacement
  • Peeling – This happens when the protective layer on the engines or pipes starts to come off, making it prone to damages
  • Spots – Refers to any type discoloration or irregularities in the pipeline or engines


A good borescope can easily identify all types of defects without your struggling to find the issues yourself. These are a good tool used by many companies dealing with non-destructive testing and visual inspection.

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