Buying a chandelier is as easy as we can imagine. However, when buying an expensive crystal chandelier, we want to be sure of a number of things, and thus a lot of questions pop up in our mind. In this post, we’ve briefly answered some of the common questions.

What is a crystal chandelier?

They are lighting fixtures made of crystal, which contains lead oxide in it. The lead oxide present on the crystal allows light refraction, which crates a magical effect to the room. Crystal chandeliers can enhance the beauty of any room, be it at home or in office. For more lighting options and latest chandelier designs, you can check out the website of Sofary Lighting LLC

Do the crystal chandelier lights suit for this modern age?

The crystal chandeliers are still very much popular and there are several different innovative fixtures created occasionally and so they are still in demand and completely suitable for this age. You even have customization options on some websites where you can create them according to your taste.

You can visit the to get your customized crystal chandelier lighting from their huge variety of collections at an affordable price range and get it delivered to your home as early as possible.

Do these lights have a warranty?

Many of the company’s offer a one-year warranty for the product. Only if there are any defects in the product within one year, you can get it replaced by a new one. Merely, the warranty does not include the damages done while cleaning it and by improper installation.

Do I get a pre-assembled chandelier light when delivered to me?

NO, you don’t get the pre-assembled unit. As it is tough to deliver the pre-assembled crystal chandelier lights, it may cause damage to the crystal. So, you must call an electrician for assembling the crystals with lights.

Should I clean the chandelier lights?

Yes, you must clean the dust, at least once in two weeks carefully. You should make sure that you do not cause any damage to the lights. If you leave the dust to accumulate for many days, then the shine of the crystals would become less, and then you might need to contact the cleaning service to clean the lights.

Are the crystal chandeliers costly?

The pricing of these chandeliers lighting is mainly decided on the number of crystals used and what type of crystals used. If there are a normal type of crystals used in these lights then it would cost you less. If you choose the royal type or the spectre crystals would become costly. It completely depends on your choice.


What type of bulbs that fit in the chandeliers?

Normally, the bulbs are shipped along with the chandeliers when you buy it. 40-watt incandescent bulbs can easily fit the crystal chandeliers sockets. If you want to replace these bulbs 40-watt bulbs can be used. Some may support up to 60 watts.

These are some of the common questions that are repeatedly asked by many customers who have bought the crystal chandelier lights. Make sure to maintain the chandelier properly by cleaning it using the soft feather duster at least twice in a month to prevent the accumulation of more dust.

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