While using a bong there is always a need to clean it often to enjoy smooth function without any issues. It is a known fact that water pipes do clog easily and you are left with a dirty device that doesn’t help greatly to smoke your weed or herbs. Also, the pipe remains unhygienic, which may later be a reason for you to fall ill.

Many people find it difficult to clean the pipe as they are unaware of the easy ways to do it. Eventually, the pipe may break or not function properly. Yes, of course there are smoke shops ready to provide you the best water pipes or bongs promising to get easily cleaned to enjoy your smoke. However, it will be always beneficial to know proper ways to clean water pipes.

Here are the right ways adapted by many to clean their water pipes:

  • You need few things like salt, Q-tips, pipe cleaning small brushes with soft bristles, rubber bands, and plastic bags and of course hand gloves to keep your arms safe.
  • The plastic bags fixed with rubber bands avoid the liquid cleaning solution to escape from the pipe.
  • Salt application helps to remove any sticky microbes from the pipes.
  • It will be advisable to have warm water instead of hot because of glass or ceramic pipes to break while you pour in the hot water.
  • Now to do the cleaning process:
    • You need to take apart all the parts and pour the specially available cleaning liquid for bongs in with salt mixed in the solution.
    • You can even apply salt in the interior of the bottom part.
    • Many like to use alcohol to clean instead of detergent liquid as it kills microbes in faster rate and quite effectively. You just need to remember the salt gets well mixed with the alcohol while you start cleaning the pipe parts.
    • The ends can be sealed with res caps or with plastic bags fixed with rubber bands. It helps in not leaking the alcohol or washing liquid spoiling the whole cleaning process.
    • You need to shake the liquid repeatedly and let it set for sometime before repeating the process few times for deep cleansing.
    • Resin residues can be cleaned perfectly while doing the process few times again by emptying the pipe couple of times.
    • The last step is to rinse your bong and let it dry completely before you join its parts.


Many people using the bong feel lazy to clean the device or feel it isn’t essential. However, seasonal uses of water pipe initiates to clean the pipe regularly for varied reasons.

They are:

  • While even not using the bong regularly, it needs to be cleaned in every few months as bacteria is sure to get accumulated polluting the device for further usage.
  • The resin builds up faster that needs to be cleaned as it can clog the pipe and is unhygienic for usage.

While to enjoy smooth smoking there is need to improve percolation and filtration. It helps to function free air flow and water flow, and thus you are able to gain good smoking experience. While to make your smoking sensation amazing and aid in relaxation, it is best to use clean bongs every time.

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